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Well Hello...

My name is Andy Harrison and beginning in 1994, I worked at and eventually owned, a $4 million per year printing company before selling it in 2017. 

I understand the risks and rewards of running a small business. My goal with The Armory is to partner along side business owners who want to take their established business to the next level with quality digital marketing. 

Optimized Websites

Your story deserves to be known as people will benefit from knowing what you have to offer. Search is king and quality Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques will steadily move your website into higher search position which will lead to improved opportunity. Let us partner to improve your organization's visibility online.


PPC and SEO actually work best together due to the fact that PPC will give insights into what keywords are actually converting and sending phone calls. However, it is really easy to do PPC wrong which is why having a professional, who has a lot of experience running AdWords campaigns is a great asset.

Local Marketing

Whether you run an online or brick-and-mortar business, local business marketing that your company's website is properly optimized for online maps. By leveraging your Google Business listing you can ensure your website is properly mapped, which can can have a significant influence on your search ranking and most importantly; click through traffic to your website.

What People Say About Us

A Sample of Some SEO Activity


We study what phrases to target that will get you the best ROI and which words can be ranked the quickest for you. We will work with you in creating the very best key phrase targets.


Our powerful tools allow us to “see behind the veil” of your competitors and learn what is working for them. Once we have studied the leaders in your industry and simply do more of what is working for them!


Some say that “links are out” in SEO but that is simply an excuse by those who don’t want to spend their time and money to provide powerful links to you. Quality links as opposed to quantity is the key.


Fresh, original, creative content is extremely beneficial to rankings. While only a few website visitors will appreciate good content there is no doubt search engines love it and use it in determining search rankings.