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Lots of small businesses think it’s good enough to rank organically but as Google pushes more ads into the mobile space, not participating in AdWords is becoming more and more non-optional. As many have noticed, Google is even putting ads in the 3-pack now. PPC and SEO actually work best together due to the fact that PPC will give insights into what keywords are actually converting and sending phone calls. However, it is really easy to do PPC wrong which is why having a professional, who has a lot of experience running AdWords campaigns is a great asset.
  • Monthly Reporting
  • No Contracts
  • Conversion Tracking
The great thing about Pay-Per-Click is that significant results can be instant. The key to Pay-Per-Click is ROI. Our experience shows that the majority of the businesses who try Pay-Per-Click make it work.  PPC is a great way to get immediate visitors to your site while SEO is getting your pages ranked. Let us give you a free consultation and help you determine if Pay-Per-Click could be a good solution for you.


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Armory Pay Per Click Services Include:

Google AdWords
We have a decade of experience and are certified by Google to create and manage effective PPC ads. Hiring us gives you an advantage.
Social Advertising

We can help you with paid social campaigns, such as Facebook advertising, that can be a huge “game changer” for your company

Display Advertising

We’ll get (graphic image) display ads designed and delivered to targeting audiences who host ads on their sites that already have similar interests.

Remarketing & Retargeting

Improve ROI by having display (graphic image) ads appear in front of audiences that have shown interest and visited your website.

PPC Audits

No starting and walking away. We will audit on an ongoing basis and restructure campaigns to boost performance.