Frequently Asked Questions

What digital marketing services does your company provide?

We offer a wide range of services to help businesses grow their online presence including:
– Comprehensive SEO Audits
– Monthly SEO Services
– SEO Consulting
– Social Media Services
– Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Campaigns
– Website Design Services
Contact us for more information on any of these.

How important is my company's business profile on google?

If you are a local business it can be argue it is more important than your website. The majority of search is local with nearly all of that being mobile. Your Business Profile on Google – also known as Google My Business (GMB) can be an organic lead generator without users ever seeing your website. As with many things though, it’s more of a both/and as your GMB works in tandem with your website. A rule of thumb is to have content on your website that supports the categories, products and services featured on your GMB.

How much do your services cost and what does your process look like?

While many of the techniques we leverage for our clients are similar, we approach each business and industry with fresh eyes; beginning with an a consultation to understand your issues, opportunities and goals. After the consultation we conduct an audit, looking “under the hood” of your online presence as much as possible; as well as your competitors.  When these important steps are completed we put together a customized proposal with how and what we believe to be the best way forward that will lead to success. 

How long does SEO take?

The classic but accurate answer is; it depends. Different industries are more competitive than others and therefore take more time. The point is consistent progress to move your company on to page one with the end goal being to get in the first position in organic search ranking on the search phrases most important to you AND to stay there. Because companies are constantly vying for top position, on-going optimization work is needed to maintain and defend your top ranking in a digital version of “King of the Mountain”. 

Is SEO or PPC more important?

Again…the classic but accurate answer is; it depends. It depends on your company’s goals and objectives. A well crafted PPC campaign can produce quick results. However, the moment the ads are paused the results do as well. SEO can be characterized as having a more enduring quality. While consistent quality SEO techniques are needed for consistent organic results, momentum can be generated and enjoyed for as long as competition allows. We like to use the two services together as PPC campaigns can help tremendously in yielding all search terms used for the generated traffic. This in turn can be leveraged for optimization work. A powerful 1-2 punch.